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It’s our way of showing you that websites can have a clean and copy-light design and a concise marketing message that will still rank highly on search engines. Let us tell you a story‚Ķ..

Worcestershire Marketing and Advertising Agency

It was a bright, warm day in Worcestershire and a new client came knocking on the Advertising Agency’s door. They gave us a tight marketing brief. It went like this. “We’ve got a strong visual brand identity and our target market lives and breathes media. Our customers have little time to decipher lots of information. We want a website that will make an immediate impression and gives key information quickly but without content overload. Oh and we want it to rank high up on the search engines.”

Cue Concept’s graphic designer and website designer team.

Website Design and Construction

“No problem” our website creatives said. There are ways to design and construct websites with comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), embedded keywords, easy navigation, concise website copywriting with an appealing design. The methods are recognised and accepted as good website design and construction practice and don’t break the rules. You’re looking at one of the ways right now.

Website Maintenance

The client was pleased to know that we would manage their website hosting, domain name registration, website maintenance and management; letting them get on with the business of selling their service.

Online Advertising

Once live we launched a comprehensive online advertising campaign using Google AdWords. The pay per click medium was perfect for this client as it allowed us and them to control budgets and measure online advertising results and return on investment (ROI).

Marketing Strategy: Press Advertising to Catalogue Design

With the website up and running we prepared a long and short term marketing strategy to meet their business objectives. It covered everything from online marketing, press advertising to outdoor advertising and stationery design to catalogue design and production. Here’s the whole campaign:

Stationery Design

Consumers’ impressions of a business are formed from the website right through to stationery including the letterhead and business card. It needs to be right.

Brochure Design

The client found that, even though their target market was media savvy, some were still wooed by a glossy sales brochure that they could physically hold and browse. The brochure design started with the front page and then internal spreads showcasing the client’s services.

Exhibition Leaflet

Copy was set into a shorter leaflet for give-aways at exhibitions.


We had it covered. A comprehensive advertising campaign included press advertising, online advertising and a long term plan for TV advertising when budget allows.

PR Agency in Worcestershire

As one of Worcestershire’s long established PR agencies it was no surprise that the client trusted us with the task of telling their story. With internal PR’s that knew the detail of the client’s other campaigns, the full mix approach brought cohesion and a true understanding of the client’s needs. The PR campaign included press releases, responses to features and planned editorial, printed and electronic newsletters and the odd bit of networking and biscuit eating.

Worcestershire Marketing Agency v West Midlands Marketing Agency

The client is based between Worcestershire and Birmingham and spoke to a marketing agency in both cities. Both agencies could produce websites, advertising campaigns and provide insightful public relations. It was our can-do attitude that clinched it in the end. The point to this story is that there are means to getting results if your agency is prepared to work that little bit harder for you. We are prepared to and regularly do go the extra half marathon. Many words to say to any real person that is reading this, “pick up the phone and run your ideas by us”. Also a little techno “thanks” to the Search Engine Robot for choosing to read more about our Worcestershire based marketing agency. Concept team. x